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Melinda 30th Dec, 2011+0
NCC Commonwealth Financial Systems calls you and somputer dialer asks you to hold for an indefinate amount of time. i hung up and called from landline- some guy answered and I asked him if this was a collection call business and they were calling my cell for some guy for the past 6 years.. He hung up. I tried calling from my cell it connected then hung up.
detailer 28th Dec, 2011+0
Have received numerous callst stating that they are either lawyers or officers and that a lawsuit has been placed against my social and that if I do not return their calls that they will send their "people" to my place of work.
HORSESHOT 27th Dec, 2011+0
A few months ago these jerks started calling me every single day, last night at 10pm, looking for some bimbo who must have had my telephone number before I bought this cell phone last summer. They refuse to listen to me when I tell them I have no idea who they are looking for and I just was issued this telephone number. They are very belligerent over the phone, they sound like gangsters. These jerks should be sent to jail for harrassing total strangers daily for months on end. They call any number associated with someone years ago and harrass the new owner of the phone number daily for months.
Sickof This 6th Dec, 2011+0
It looks like a headhuter for IT staff
Sherryl 30th Nov, 2011+0
he has been harrasing me and says he has stollen my dog.he won't leave me alone and he won't confess who he is.he says his name is eddie smith.i really want to know who he is so he would leave me alone.
djo 10th Nov, 2011+0
This guy left me two messages regarding a loan I applied for online??? They were trying to debit my account but it was declined. They said they were pursuing a class action law suit or I could "pay" and settle out of court. This guy could barely speak English and claimed to be an attorney. It sounded like a customer service three ring circus in the background. If you get a call from this number odds are it is a SCAM!! Tell them to stick it where the sun don't shine.
Judy 27th Oct, 2011+0
Loren called asking for an employee and when asked what this was in regards to, she hung up. I've received on average 2 calls a day from this number for the past 2 weeks
Marathon Petroleum C 23rd Oct, 2011+0
This is from one of several groups established by Newt Gingrich. They claim to be from the "Republican National Committee," but they're not (not exactly, anyway). Citizens Action is one name they use. They claim they're exempt from any do not call list, and attempts to get them to stop result in more calls from their "affiliate" groups. I've sent complaints to the FCC as well as my representatives in Congress. It's beginning to border on harrassment (5-6 calls per day ... )
LAUREN 23rd Oct, 2011+0
calls coming in at all times of the night
rhodzimm 19th Oct, 2011+0
Calls me ever week days all the time. No answer ever. I have called back to get off the call list. It says give 24 hours for processing and that was almost 4 days ago and Im still getting calls.
Meka 11th Oct, 2011+0
received at 7:34PM. When you call the number back the recorded message says it's no longer available.
Blackplum 20th Sep, 2011+0
Called me at the same time (3:00), every day Monday-Friday for a week until I answered the phone on Friday. Then they hung up. This is kind if annoying.
tom tom 4th Sep, 2011+0
called me 14 times between 9-4 and when u answer they just hang up
Brett 16th Aug, 2011+0
Get these calls and don't know why
chocolatebar 10th Jul, 2011+0
Several phone calls the past 4 or 5 days and when we answer no one speaks on the other end.

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